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Tally - an Integrated Enterprise Solution with Complete Accounting, Inventory and Reporting capabilities. Accounting basically involves identification, analysis, recording, classifying, summarising, interpreting and communicating information regarding business transactions, interested persons. Its features are: 1. Identification and recording of business transactions and events. 2. Summarisation and interpretation of accounting information. 3. Communicating the information to the interested persons such as investors, creditors, owners, government, research scholars, tax authorities etc. Transactions are posted in Tally software so that we get processed accounting information instantly in the form of statements, graphs, ratios etc. In this course, you will learn the tally completely and exhaustively.
You don't need to do know any programming to attend this course. However you need to know the basics of Windows Operating System and you should be able to use Windows in your system comfortably.

If you are not familiar with the Windows environment, we recommend you to complete the course "Introduction To Windows".
  • Tally Introduction
  • Accounting Basics 1
  • Accounting Basics 2
  • Groups in Tally
  • About Ledgers,Costcenters & Stock Groups
  • About Voucher Types in Tally
  • About Godowns,Currency & Tracking Numbers
  • How To Start Tally & Short cuts in Tally
  • Creating a Company in Tally
  • Features & Configurations in Tally
  • Groups maintenance in Tally
  • Ledgers maintenance in Tally
  • Voucher maintenance in Tally
  • Voucher Selection in Tally
  • First Example part 1
  • First Example Ledger Creation
  • First Example Voucher Entry 1
  • First Example Voucher Entry 2
  • First Example Voucher Entry 3
  • First Example Voucher Entry 4
  • First Example Reports
  • Cost Center & Cost Category Example
  • Budgets in Tally Example
  • Multi Currencies in Tally Example
  • Inventry Management-Stock groups&Items-Godown-Units
  • Inventry Example Part 1
  • Inventry Example Part 2
  • Inventry Example Part 3
  • Inventry Example Part 4
  • About Inventry Vouchers
  • Interest Calculation Example part 1
  • Interest Calculation Example part 2
  • Order Processing in Tally
  • Tracking Numbers & Batch wise Details Example
  • Price List Maintenance Example
  • Grouping Companies,Spliting,Backup,Restore,Import,Export
  • Security Control in Tally
  • VAT in Tally part 1
  • VAT in Tally part 2
  • TDS in Tally part 1
  • TDS in Tally part 2
  • Service Tax in Tally part 1
  • Service Tax in Tally part 2
  • TCS in Tally
  • FBT in Tally
  • Excise in Tally Part 1
  • Excise in Tally Part 2
  • Payroll in Tally Part 1
  • Payroll in Tally Part 2