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ASP.NET is a server side scripting technology of Microsoft that enables scripts (embedded in web pages) to be executed by an Internet server. ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP.NET is not just the next version of ASP; it is the next era of web development. ASP.NET can be used to create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications.

ASP.NET allows you to use a full featured programming language such as C# (pronounced C-Sharp) or VB.NET to build web applications easily. Object Oriented Programming makes it possible to build extremely large applications, while still keeping your code clean and structured. Now with ASP.NET, we can do the same on the web. ASP.NET includes an enormous class library which was built by Microsoft. Because this class library is so large, it encapsulates a huge number of common functions. Additionally, the entire .NET Framework is available to any ASP.NET application. Developers can easily access the benefits of these technologies, which include the managed common language runtime environment, type safety, inheritance, and so on.

This course will teach you ASP.NET from scratch, and no knowledge of any kind of serverside scripting is required. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is preferable. Having worked with Classic ASP or PHP won't give you much of an advantage, since ASP.NET is a whole new way of doing things. The most common languages for writing ASP.NET applications are C# and VB.NET. While VB.NET is directly based VB (Visual Basic), C# was introduced together with the .NET framework, and is therefore a some what new language. In this course, we will use VB.NET.
You need to know the HTML to learn It would be good to know to quickly learn as will be used to explain the code behind.
  • Introduction
  • Pre Requisites for Asp .Net
  • Starting Asp .Net
  • Label , Literal , Textbox & Button Controls
  • Link Button , Image Button & HyperLink Controls
  • DropDown List & ListBox Controls
  • CheckBox & CheckBoxList Controls
  • RadioButton & RadioButtonList Controls
  • Image & Table Controls
  • Calendar Control
  • AdRotator , Panel & Place Holder Controls
  • Bulletedlist & HiddenField Controls
  • FileUpLoad Control
  • Multiview , View & Wizard Controls
  • ImageMap Control
  • Validation & RequireFieldValidator Controls
  • Comparision & RangeValidator Controls
  • Regular Expression Validator & CustomValidator Controls
  • Introduction to Master Pages
  • Start woking with Master Pages
  • Different technics when working with Master Pages
  • Nesting Master Pages & Container specific Master Pages
  • Themes & Skins
  • Themes & Style Sheets
  • Database Introduction
  • Database Accessing basics
  • SqlDataSource & GridView Controls
  • SqlDataSource , DetailsView & FormView Controls
  • SqlDataSource , Repeater & Datalist Controls
  • SqlDataSource , ListView & DataPage Controls
  • SqlDataSource & Other Bound Controls
  • ADO .Net Introduction
  • ADO .Net Connection , Command & Reader Objects
  • ADO .Net DataBinding , DataTable ,Parameter ,Adapter & DataSet Objects
  • Site Navigation & SiteMapPath Controls
  • Treeview,Menu controls Using Xmldatasource & Sitemapdatasource
  • Security & Login Controls Part 1
  • Security & Login Controls Part 2
  • Security & Login Controls Part 3
  • Security & Login Controls Part 4
  • Security & Login Controls Part 5
  • Security & Authentication
  • Security & Authorization
  • Security & Membership
  • Security & Roles