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Photoshop is a computer program that lets you edit, retouch, reshape, and completey change, distort, or combine pictures. It is like a very very advanced version of Microsoft Paint.
Photoshop is the best photo editor available today. You can do just about anything. It's pretty amazing. It's an Image Editor, rather an image processor. You can create, edit, morph, stylize, organize, variate and render images with this tool. This software is released by Adobe Inc with its own trademark and copyright, on date.
Though there are open source alternatives to photoshop like GIMP, Photoshop is the uncrowned king to do any kind of manipulation to images because of its ease of use, simplicity and yet extremely powerful capability.
In this course, we will walk you through all features of photoshop starting at the beginning.
You need to know the basics of Windows Operating System and you should be able to use Windows in your system comfortably. If you are not familiar with the Windows environment, we recommend you to complete the course "Introduction To Windows".
  • About Pixels
  • RGB Colors in Photoshop
  • Photoshop Interface
  • File Formats in Photoshop
  • Viewing & Navigating Images
  • Histogram & Level Tool
  • Curves Tool, Hue & Saturation
  • Cropping & Straighten Image
  • Color Balancing on Image
  • Color to Black & White
  • Selections with Marquee & Lasso Tools
  • Quick Selection Tool, Color Range Selection
  • Non Destructive Editing & Adjustment Layers
  • Adjustment Layer, Layer Masks & Gradient Tool
  • Build up Image Contrast using Blending Modes
  • History Brush & Snapshots
  • Fixing Image Noise with Clone Stamp & Healing Tools
  • Noise Filter to Reduce Image Noise
  • Vanish Point Filter & Lens Correction Filter
  • Change Ratio of an Image
  • Type Design, Type Tool & Fine Tuning Text
  • Shaping Text, Layer Effects to Text
  • Vector Graphics & Paths Creation
  • Save Paths Convert Paths to Selections
  • Adding Multiple Shapes to Single Shape Layer
  • Smart Objects & Working with Smart Objects
  • Multiple Instances of Smart Objects
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Search/Filter using Adobe Bridge
  • Metadata & Keywords in Adobe Bridge
  • Creating PDF, Web Gallery & Slide Shows using Adobe Bridge
  • Mini Bridge & Camera-Raw
  • Changing Specific Places using Camera-Raw
  • Color to Black & White using Camera-Raw
  • Fixing Problems using Camera-Raw
  • Image Layer Basics & Layer Panel Options
  • Organizing Layers
  • Single Composition of Multiple Images
  • Stitching Images Together to Get Panorama
  • Converting Multiple Takes into Single Image
  • Refine Edge Tool, Brush Tool & Brush Panel
  • Creating New Brushes, Brush Dynamics & Mixer Brush
  • Printing & Web Output
  • Conclusion