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MS Office

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Microsoft Office is a software suite. This means that there are actually several individual software programs within Office with the popular ones and the must to learn ones being MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word is your word processor. Like a very glorified typewriter, it allows you to process your words in various ways. But, although Word is the text-based program, it can also do other things such as allow you to insert graphics or photos, create charts and graphs, create tables and even do some calculations. But because it handles your words that is what it does best. You can create some great looking documents with professional looking formatting. You can use it to handle your mail letter to many people. And Word will allow you to create forms that people can complete online etc.

Excel is your spreadsheet program. This is like having an electronic version of an accountant's ledger. You can create individual workbooks that can contain many individual worksheets. Within those sheets, you can keep columns of data in rows of clients or inventory. You can do balance sheets to figure out your assets and liabilities. You can also select data from your Workbook to create graphs, charts or run data analysis to track trends for forecasting future sales.

This is a graphical presentation program. Most people use PowerPoint to create overhead presentations that can be displayed electronically from their computers. You can also print transparencies or hand-outs to use with, or instead of, the presentation features. You can also add animation, movies, music, and sounds to create a multimedia presentation. Presentations can be set to advance manually or you can use timing features to make the images change on their own at set intervals. But even if you're not ready for creating slide shows, PowerPoint is great for creating illustrations. If you have photos or, particularly, graphic clipart, you can make modifications to individual elements as with many graphics only programs.
You need to know the basics of Windows Operating System and you should be able to use Windows in your system comfortably.

If you are not familiar with the Windows environment, we recommend you to complete the course "Introduction To Windows".

MS Word

  • Introduction to Ms-Office
  • Introduction to Ms-Word
  • File Menu Options
  • Edit Menu Options
  • View Menu Options
  • Insert Menu Options Part 1
  • Insert Menu Options Part 2
  • Format Menu Options Part 1
  • Format Menu Options Part 2
  • Tools Menu Options Part 1
  • Tools Menu Options Part 2
  • Table Menu Options Part 1
  • Table Menu Options Part 2

MS Excel

  • Introduction to Ms-Excel
  • Data Entry in Excel
  • File & Edit Menu options
  • View Menu Options
  • Insert Menu Options Part 1
  • Insert Menu Options Part 2
  • Insert Menu Options Part 3
  • Format Menu Options
  • Tools Menu Options
  • Data Menu Options Part 1
  • Data Menu Options Part 2

MS PowerPoint

  • Introduction to Ms-PowerPoint
  • Simple Slides Designing
  • File & Edit Menu options
  • View Menu Options
  • Insert & Format & Tools Menus Options
  • Slide Show Menu Options Part 1
  • Slide Show Menu Options Part 2