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C++ is an extension of C. But the important thing to know is WHY C needed an extension in the first place. It boils down to the need to have tools to allow OOP -- Object Oriented Programming. In OOP the primary focus is on the data, rather than on the methods used to manipulate it. The OOP approach of C++, in other words, is a quite different programming philosophy from the function centred approach of C. it’s fun to write object-oriented programs, and students can see immediate results. In this course, we will walk you through the entire language and show you how to become a C++ programmer, starting at the beginning.
Knowing how to program in C will help you to learn C++ easily, quickly and with strong foundation. We recommend you to go through the course C before starting this course. You don't need to know anything about Object Oriented Programming to start this course.
  • Introduction to C++ Langauge
  • Features of OOP
  • C++ aditional features comparing to C
  • Predefined Stream objects & example programs
  • Manipulators in C++ & examples
  • Classes & Objects in C++
  • Examples to classes & objects
  • Inline Functions & Examples
  • Function Overloading in C++
  • Constructors & Destructors & Examples
  • Constructors & Destructors & more Examples
  • Operator overloading & examples
  • Operator overloading & more examples
  • Inheritance & examples
  • Access Specifiers & examples
  • Virtual Functions & examples
  • Friend Functions & examples
  • Templates & examples
  • References & examples
  • References & more examples
  • I/O streams(files) in C++ & examples
  • I/O streams(files) in C++ & more examples